On May 17th our good friend Mike Weed suffered a severe stroke. Unfortunately Mike has lost use of his right side and is unable to speak. Mike is undergoing rehabilitation treatment at Gaylord hospital in Wallingford where he is making excellent progress. Mike is 37 years old and lives in Cheshire with his wife Heidi and 3 young children.

It is uncertain how long it will take for Mike to get back to work and his disability benefits are not going to support his family and growing medical expenses. Online donations to benefit Mike and his family can be made at the following website: http://www.youcaring.com

Mike will be fighting the hard fight to get back onto his track to success. If anyone can beat this situation it is Mike Weed. And that is the meaning behind WEEDSTRONG!


In his spare time and with his passion for craft beer Mike introduced the Weed Amber Ale recipe to Connecticut about a year ago. While Weed beer is growing it not yet helping to pay the bills. You can also help out by drinking Weed beer as any profits will benefit Mike and his family.

Weed beer can be purchased anywhere in CT. If your favorite package store does not carry it, please ask them to order it from the same distributor that they order Budweiser from - HDI, Dichello or Levine.

A facebook page has been created to provide progress updates and to communicate various fundraising activities and stroke awareness. Please "like" this page:

It is very important to Mike and Heidi to educate others about stroke symptoms and what to do as there is little time to act. Please visit and share the following websites to help raise stroke awareness.

Please pray for Mike, do what you can to support a good cause and help to raise stroke awareness by sharing this website using the social media links below.

This is the Mike Weed Video that you may have heard about. A very special thank you to Lisa Curtis and the entire Media Services Department at Eastern Connecticut State University.

4 minutes and 20 seconds that will last a lifetime. Please watch and share this message. It could make all the difference in the world.